The Gallery

Photographs of the shop and Staff

In this photograph, the staff in it are, from left to right, Pat Garton, Yvonne Ball, Olive Wain and Diana Peters

In this photograph, pictured with his staff is Mr Charles Clowes, father of the current owner Stuart.

This is Mr Clowes again, note how little the shop has changed since these were taken.

Runaway lorry brings moments of terror to town centre shopping parade

This was an accident that happened on Monday 6th March 1961, and was reprted in the Buxton Advertiser on, Friday 10th March 1961. Luckily only one person from Sterndale Moor was injured, the shop suffered some damage, and one of the carboys in the window was destroyed.

1934 Runaway lorry smashes into Boards the Photographers

In 1934 an out of control lorry, hit the shop of boards, which was a photographers, which was just a few doors along from the chemist today.