Gian Paolo Feminis formulates the 'Acqua Mirabilis', a distillation of medicinal plants patented by the Cologne Faculty of Medicine in 1727.


Jean-Marie Farina, heir to the 'Aqua Mirabilis' apothecary formula, creates Eau de Cologne.


Creation of the Roger&Gallet Perfumery, and collaboration with the greatest designers.


through perfume

Delicately perfuming life.
Roger&Gallet offers a natural touch of emotion and luxury everyday.

The know-how of a  perfumer -apothecary since 1862.
Inspired by the original Eau de Cologne Jean Marie Farina, official supplier to Napoleon I, the creations of Roger&Gallet result from an authentic know-how of distillation of rare natural ingredients.

The refinement of natural ingredients.
Roger&Gallet invites you on a perfumer's journey to the heart of some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Our natural essences are extracted for their quality and excellent perfume.

The creation of unique sensory experiences around perfume, toiletry and body care.
Roger&Gallet shares with you the secret of unique daily beauty regime. Perfumes composed natural essential oils, soaps perfumed to their 'heart' using the traditional cauldron method and body care with exceptional textures.