Historical Background

It was during a stay in Vichy in 1931 to treat his liver complaint that
Georges Guerin, a cosmetologist, discovered the dermatological virtues of Vichy
Thermal Spa Water, quite by chance

After an inopportune fall, the Thermal center’s own doctor, Doctor Haller,
advised him to have some ablutions. Georges Guérin was struck by the speed with
which he healed and decided to incorporate this water in a line of cosmetic skin
care products: Vichy was born and soon its products would become famous, e.g.,
“Secrets de Vichy”. These products were both performant and original: for the
first time, the products were adapted according to women’s skin type (oily, dry
etc.). This division turned out to be highly relevant and today has been taken
on board by all major brands in this sector. Dermatological ingredients, Thermal
Spa Water, security protocols stemming from the pharmaceutical industry: all
these precepts which make up dermocosmetics today were laid down at this time.

Vichy Mission- Health is Vital. Start With Your Skin

Created in 1931 in France by a skin physician, Vichy Laboratoires offers
unique allergy-tested skincare products combining Vichy Thermal Spa Water with
the latest innovations stemming from dermatological research.
Vichy's fields
of skin expertise range from skin aging to skin dryness, dehydration, acne prone
skin, dull complexion and sun protection.

Vichy Safety Commitment

All Vichy products comply with a unique safety

Allergy-tested products
Strictly selected raw materials
(excipients, ingredients, preservatives, fragrance)

Including Vichy
Thermal Spa Water with 15 mineral salts and trace elements
Proven soothing
Helps strengthen daily the natural protective function of the

Non comedogenic, non acnegenic (face care products)

Tested on
sensitive skin (except Reti-C and body products)

Dermatologist tested